Blog Closed

For anyone still visiting:

I am officially closing the blog.

I no longer play magic enough to support it with stories, and user submissions have been scarce. Thank you to all who have visited.

I am leaving this website online so anyone who enjoyed the old blowouts can still read them.

If you enjoy funny amazon reviews you can check out my most recent blog where I collect and post a review each day.

Have a good one.

On Hiatus

The website will be on hiatus until September. This will give me time to work out some real life and website issues.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you back in September.


It was my local FNM. I am in round 2 playing Mono-Red and get paired against one of the ever growing Caw-Blade population. We start Game 1, by turn 5 I am getting worried. He is still at 16.

Our board position on turn 7 are:

Him - Jace, The Mind Sculptor, Batterskull untapped, Squadron Hawk untapped, 2 U/W Lands untapped
Me - Three Plated Geopede, 4 Mountains 1 Scalding Tarn

I draw my card and realize, wait, I can just win now. I play another Sclading Tarn and crack both. All Geopedes are now 7/7. I play Arc Trail on his Hawk and him. I play Dismember on his Batterskull with 3 Mountains untapped. He looks bewildered, thinks, then allows it.  I turn my board sideways for 21.


Playing Into My Counters

I'm playing Kuldotha red against Valakut. I play out a fast start, with Chimeric Mass for 0, Memnite, Mox Opal, Kuldotha Rebirth the opal, second Opal, Signal Pest. My opponent plays a Raging Ravine tapped. I attack for 8 and pass, with two in hand.

He plays a mountain and with a satisfied smile on his face sets Pyroclasm on the table. I look at it for a second, then tap my Mox Opal for blue. Spell Pierce your Pyroclasm. Whoops.

My turn I draw and play Contested War Zone. Swing all my guys for game.


My Overpowered Card Is Better Than Yours

"A draft game between myself and another regular at the store. He was close to death but played the Platinum Emperion. This game went on for 10+ turns with us just sitting there and not drawing answers. Eventually my opponent got there. Ridiculous board positions."